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Secret Lair Commander Deck: Raining Cats and Dogs

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  • How do I clean my playmat?

    1) Fill a bowl or tub with cold water and soak your playmat.
    2) Scrub your playmat with a soft bristle brush.
    3) Rinse away the soap using cold water, making sure there are no suds on the front or back.
    4) Pat your playmat dry with a towel.

  • Can I put my playmat in the washing machine?

    You can machine wash but we recommend hand washing it. The image will last longer if you hand wash it!

  • Can you sponsor me?

    We get this question a lot. We're always looking for creators, brand or groups to work with. Please contact us and include as much information as possible. With most of our attention on helping customers, we only have time to reply to a few of these. Thank you for understanding :)

  • What size image do I need for a custom playmat?

    If you're creating the image from scratch, please make it 300 DPI

    For the pixel size, ideally all images are more than 2000px wide. This is to achieve the best possible print quality and not have the finished product looking blurry or faded. We also have a full list of recommended pixel dimensions for each size, available on our Size Guide page.

    View the Size Guide 
  • What stitching/edges should I choose?

    The choice is YOURS based on preference. The price is the same for each edge style!

    • Black Stitched: The stitching is black, the printed area stops at the start of the stitching.
    • Colour Stitched: The playmat is stitched first then printed over it, so your image goes all the way to the edge, over the stitching.
    • No Stitching: The edges are cut straight down after printing so the printing goes to the edge.
    View the Size Guide 
  • What thickness is good enough for me?

    Here is a rough run down of each size, please see the Size Guide page for a full breakdown of pros of each.

    2mm Thickness

    • The best economic choice for new gamers or casual office workers

    3mm Thickness

    • The most common choice, great balance between the highest quality and the cheapest option

    4mm Thickness

    • The Crème de la crème of mousepad thickness, perfect transition from stitching to pad
    View the Size Guide 
  • Are there any Images you won't print?

    Yes, we will NOT print anything relating to:

    • Racism
    • Anti-LGBTQ+
    • Antisemitism and Nazi Imagery 
    • Sexualised Child Imagery
    • Human Naked Imagery
    • Beastiallity
    View the Image Restrictions 
  • How long does it take to print the playmat?

    Most of our playmats are printed as they are ordered. Limited stock is held locally in Perth, usually 90x40cm of specific designs.

    Printing is done in our Chinese partner factory and shipped directly to you

    Current average printing time: 4 days (including weekends)

    View Printing and Shipping 
  • How long does shipping take after I order?

    After we print the playmat (avg 4 days) we will ship it out ASAP. Shipping can take anywhere between 7 days and 30 days depending where you live. We average 14 days delivery (after printing)

    View Printing and Shipping 
  • Do you ship internationally?

    Yes, we do! While we'd love to ship to 100% of the countries in the world, we are unfortunately limited to our shipping partners at present. We do ship to Australia, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and more

    View International Shipping 
  • Do you have an affiliate program available?

    Yes, we do! You can sign up here and create your own affiliate code. This code will earn you 10% of all sales when used. The code will allow your audience/friends to get 15% off the listed prices, so everyone wins!

    View Affiliate Program 

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